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G-Evolution Co., Ltd.

Thailand's Top Innovative Company granted by National Innovation Agency.

During the past 20 years our company has forseen global health problems arose from the climate change, air pollution and the emergence of new diseases. Therefore, we have invested our time and capital in research and development of clean air technology in order to deliver good health to the world.

G-Evolution Company Limited is an "Indoor Air Quality Expert" specialized in clean air technology. Our products can prevent your room from PM2.5, air pollution, odors, and contamination of airborne pathogens at 99.99% efficiency by using Positive Air Pressure and continuously introducing fresh clean air into your room. They are suitable for small hospital, clinic, office building, factory, and residential unit.



G-Evolution is a Thailand-based company specialized in clean air innovation. Our technology is designed to protect your room from contamination of PM2.5, air pollution, airborne germs and viruses. It is suitable for small hospital, clinic, factory, office building, and residential unit. It can also introduce fresh clean air to restore oxygen level inside your room.


During past 20 years, we have forseen an importance of solving global health problems arisig from climate changes, air pollution, and emergence of new diseases. We believe that those problems can be solved with technology. Therefore, we have invested and focused in developing efficient and accesible clean air innovation for all people.


We are fighting for accessible clean air to elevate quality of life and future of our new generations.

Honorable Awards from NIA and DIP

National Innovation Agency | Department of Intellectual Property

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